Wrona's House of Violins

Mike Wrona is a violin maker located just across the border in Lewiston, NY. He has a large assortment of instruments, including ones appropriate for students, and also performs repairs and maintenance.

The Sound Post

The Sound Post in Toronto carries all string instrument supplies, a huge amount of sheet music, and offers fast shipping at a reasonable price. There are also many instruments for sale, in all members of the string family.

Long & McQuade

For general music supplies such as tuners or music stands, Long & McQuade is a convenient local resource.

Sheet Music

Good selection, fast and cheap shipping, for very popular books such as Suzuki Violin or Suzuki Piano

The Sound Post

Great for more specialized classical music, with a variety of different editions for different pieces.



iTunes has a huge amount and diverse selection of recordings of classical music. Listening to these is a very important part of Suzuki lessons. Piano, Violin, and Cello recordings are all available.