Music Program

Suzuki Niagara’s music program consists of three different essential facets, which combined provide an immersive, effective, and enjoyable musical experience for your child.

Private Lessons

Every student attends a one-on-one lesson each week with their teacher. This allows for completely individualized attention and personalized feedback for each student. The teacher will challenge the student each week with new music and assignments to practice, but always with clear direction, positive encouragement, and within the child’s abilities.

At-home Practice

Regular practice at home is the most important part of taking lessons as it reinforces the concepts taught during the weekly lesson. Although all points of the “Suzuki Triangle” (student/parent/teacher) must work together in order for lessons to be effective, regular at-home practice is nearly the sole responsibility of the parent of very young students.

Group Classes

Group classes are a valuable and fun opportunity for children, and one of the most enjoyable parts of Suzuki lessons. Students get an opportunity to play music with their peers, socialize and make new friends, and further their musical education by observing and learning from both a different teacher as well as other students.