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Little Stars (Pre-Twinkle)

Please visit the group class schedule page for dates and times.

Little Stars is Suzuki Niagara’s group class program for children ages 3-6, geared towards students who have not yet begun learning an instrument, or are in the early stages of private music instruction.  Group activities and games include:

Suzuki Niagara Little Stars Danielle Marconi Violin
  • Exploring music through listening, singing, and dancing

  • Use of percussion, ukulele, keyboard, and stringed instruments

  • Learning rhythms and music notation


Suzuki Niagara Pre Twinkle Group Class Children Danielle Marconi

Little Stars compliments what is learned in Suzuki private lessons for students who are already enrolled, using Suzuki repertoire and focusing on proper playing technique from the beginning. Together with the academic approach of studying music, we spend time combining music with movement and feeling, and helping our students to experience how music can be an emotional language and creative outlet. We firmly believe in Suzuki's philosophy that "Every Child Can," and we look forward to starting your child's musical journey!

*Each student must be accompanied by an adult. The Suzuki method encourages this because a parent or guardian's involvement in the learning process is both inspiring to the child and helps them to feel supported and encouraged, which fosters an optimal learning environment and helps with home practice.

danielle marconi suzuki niagara violin

Little Stars is taught by Danielle Marconi, who has over 15 years of teaching experience, including private lessons, group classes and the Niagara Elementary Instrumental Music program in the DSBN. Danielle has completed Books 1-4 of the Suzuki Method teacher training, and since joining Suzuki Niagara as a teacher in 2007, she has enjoyed seeing young students blossom into great musicians. Danielle lives in Niagara with her husband and son and is active in the local music scene as a songwriter, performer and session player. She is passionate about helping children develop a love for music and explore all of its possibilities.

To register for Little Stars, please email Danielle at directly.