Lisa Szczepanski


Lisa Szczepanski Piano Teacher Suzuki Niagara

Lisa Szczepanski has been actively teaching piano for almost ten years, but will be a forever-student as she continuously involves herself in workshops and teaching programs to enhance her teaching. She strives to develop personalized programs for every student, as she has encountered a multitude of learning styles and wants to make sure every student has a fair chance at learning to express themselves through the piano.

Lisa started lessons with Alessandra DiCienzo, and later studied with Elaine Lau at Wilfrid Laurier University, where she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Music with a specialization in Music Theory. She pursued her teaching studies by doing an extensive teaching program at the University of Ottawa with Gilles Comeau, where she was introduced to the Suzuki method. After she completed her Graduate studies in Piano Pedagogy Research, she became a registered Suzuki Piano teacher, taught by Gail Lange. Lisa now resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario where she holds private music lessons in her home studio for students of all learning styles.

According to Lisa, being active in your music community in various ways is an important aspect to continue developing your musicianship. Lisa performs arrangements of pop/jazz music at various events with her partner Liam Calhoun, and has also expanded her keyboard horizons by learning to play the organ. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time outside with her two dogs and snuggling with her cat.