Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try out a lesson before committing?

We strongly encourage all who are interested in signing up for lessons to first come observe lessons at one of our teachers’ studios. This will allow for a chance to meet one of our teachers, ask any questions you may have in person, and discern if their teaching style is a good match for your child.

What instruments are lessons available for?

Violin, Cello, and Viola lessons are all available. Ask your child what instrument they would prefer to learn!

How am I assigned a teacher?

You will be matched with a teacher based on desired instrument to learn, your proximity to their studio, your preference, and their availability.

How much practicing at home is required?

Although some teachers may use time guidelines, the most important part about practicing is that it is regular and consistent (preferably daily), and purposeful. Practicing is crucial to the success of music lessons, as it solidifies the good habits taught to the student by the teacher. 

A beginning student may only need 10 minutes per day to review what was taught in that week's lesson, whereas an older student with a higher attention span and longer lessons may need 30 minutes daily in order to be well-prepared for the next lesson. However, a student practicing in a very focused manner for a short amount of time will always fare better than if they practiced very poorly and with bad technique but for a very long amount of time. 

Quality over quantity!

What supplies are needed for lessons, and where can I purchase them?

Our teachers will recommend different specific materials, but please refer to our Resources page for shops that we all use regularly.