2016-2017 Welcome - President's Message

I am so happy to be able to welcome everyone back to our 2016-2017 year. We are looking forward to a brand new year with confidence and excitement. Welcome to everyone new as well.

This is a chance for us to remember all of the high points of last year. We had a wonderful fundraiser in February and a successful launch of our Suzuki Niagara Summer Camp. It was so enjoyable to hear how everyone was developing in our recitals. I look forward this year to more growth as we welcome new members to our family.

It has been a pleasure to have Liam Calhoun and Lisa Szczepanski join us as instructors. They have brought with them a lot of new ideas and vitality. It is a great thing to have forged great friendships with all of our instructors, Faith Lau, Danielle Marconi, Liam Calhoun, Lisa Szczepanski, Gordon Cleland, and our accompanist Ingrid Heidebrecht.

Suzuki Niagara Teachers

We are trying something new this year—we are going to become a fully registered nonprofit organization. That will bring a few changes to how we do things. We will have a board of directors, currently the faculty of Suzuki Niagara. We will be asking families to pay Suzuki Niagara directly again. This was something we did a few years ago and we feel that this will give us a better reflection on our annual budget. Suzuki Niagara will pay the instructors. It will not change personal relationships between faculty and student families. 

We would love to be able to post pictures on this site. That means that the permission to post pictures in our registration forms need to be signed and that families may feel free to submit pictures if they have something fun and interesting for us. 

I look forward to another great year.

George Cleland, President of Suzuki Niagara